THe sickler project

I’m really grateful for the Sickler project. When we first started to expand our Timber Frame design ideas, the sicklers let us try out some new stuff on their project! On this build, we did a lot of things for the first time! We did a beam stack- that you’ll notice on each corner. This is also the first time we implemented a “dropped King Post” – which has now become our signature design!! The Sicklers also made a GREAT decision to use our black standing-seam metal roofing. It looks very clean and sharp against our rough sawn timber cover. Plus standing-seam is the only actual  “life-time” roofing that can last a lifetime! This product snaps together with blind screws, leaving us with no exposed fasteners that could eventually leak.

June 2022
20' x 18' (360 sq/ft)
$30k -$40k

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