the goodenough project

Goodenough is just a name- not a motto!! Bill and Sharon actually came to us through another contractor. Sometimes it’s difficult to get a customer to visualize the possibilities of their project. This is why Solid Building always provides an architectural sketch of each project alongside our quote. That way you dont just get a number on a piece of paper… you have an image, something tangible that shows you what you’re about to invest in. Bill and Sharon had trouble understanding how this roofline was going to come together with their existing roofline. But after some drawing and explanation, they decided to move forward with our design!
The good enough family actually wanted 2 seperate outdoor spaces! So we designed a custom hipped- Timber Frame cover with 8×8 posts and 2×6 TNG open soffits. Then we set some free standing 8×8 posts heading toward the 2nd space. Bill strung up some cantina lighting that leads the way to a 20×20 outdoor fire pit surrounded with a natural boulder retaining wall. It really looks gorgeous at night with the fire burning and the lights twinkling!!
July 2022 (2 weeks)
16' x 30' (450 sq/ft)
$55k - $65k

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